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Now available in bulker bags.

Superior in-season performance with Manna SupaGyp™ & RapidLime



from $30 p/tonne
Access highly available calcium and sulphates, critical to plant nutrition with Manna SupaGyp™. Ideal for the treatment of slaking clays or heavy soils.

Manna 50/50

from $37 p/tonne
Raise soil pH while still delivering all the benefits of SupaGyp™ with Manna 50/50 RapidLime (blended by volume).


from $54 p/tonne
Boost soil pH, replace calcium and improve permeability with Manna RapidLime - our highest concentration of hydrated 'burnt' lime (by volume).
Speciality or previously supplied blends are available on request.
Manna RapidLime is a very fine, highly responsive form of LKD (lime kiln dust) blended (by volume) with 30% SupaGyp to aid the liming agent. LKD, also know as 'burnt lime' is derived from the fines during the manufacture of Quicklime (used in mining and construction) which is a highly reactive (oxidising) liming agent. We process and treat the product to create a transportable, spreadable form of lime that is suitable for agriculture an soil improvement. Although still highly alkaline and responsive, it is much finer than other forms of agricultural lime, has a higher neutralising value and is more effective in ameliorating acidic soils, especially at depth. RapidLime should be used where you need a highly effective liming agent and a response in the first season. The high responsiveness (inherent alkalinity via a high CaOH/CaO component, not just stable CaCO3) also means that you need to transport less of this product in comparison to other agricultural limes.
Manna SupaGyp™ was a by-product from the manufacture of superphosphate at Kwinana, where almost pure gypsum (CaSO₄) was produced. SupaGyp has been rigorously assessed and analysed and subsequently approved by the EPA for use as an agricultural soil amendment. It is classed as a Grade 1 Gypsum product. Manna SupaGyp™ contains 20.2% Ca and 15.8% S (47.48% as SO₄), and has among the highest levels of available sulphur of any gypsum in WA. The deposit has been tested and analysed 3-dimensionally, making our published specifications very accurate. Manna SupaGyp™ is a fine textured product (77% less than 125um) ensuring a high availability of Ca and S. It is ideally suited to use on heavy loams, duplex, and hard setting soils. SupaGyp enhances permeability allowing water penetration to reach the root zone. SupaGyp's high water solubility and high Ca disassociation in solution make it an excellent product for treating sodicity. SupaGyp™ heavy metal content (Aresenic, Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead) is below the recommended levels for soil amendments. For more information please contact us.

Those who have used Manna soil conditioners insist "nothing else compares".

High Solubility
Unlike traditional agricultural lime products our conditioners are highly soluable and suitable for farmers looking for a response in the first season
Affordable Calcium Source
Our products are an excellent and affordable source of readily exchangeable calcium - the king of nutrients
Low Application Rate
Effective Neutralising Value (ENV) around 110% and is generally applied at about half the recommended rate of lime sand or crushed limestone. This means reduced trucking spreading and incorporation cost
Fast Activation
Activates at first contact with moisture and is therefore ideal for most irrigated horticulture, broad acre farming, animal production systems, or anywhere where acidity is a problem
Better In-Season Yields
Improves yield and quality of affected pasture, in the season of application, subject only to rainfall. Ruminants prefer “sweetened” pastures treated with an effective liming agent. Treated pastures result in increased body weight of livestock
Treat 'Sodic' Soils
Assists in the treatment of salt affected (sodic) soils by substituting available calcium for sodium. This is especially relevant in long term irrigated pastures, intensive cropping, horticulture, and land reclamation
High Solubility
Affordable Calcium Source
Low Application Rate
Fast Activation
Better In-Season Yields
Treat 'Sodic' Soils

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