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Our Commitment
  • We are continually striving to innovate and produce the best range of gypsum and lime products available for Western Australian soils. Grow with us as and together we can help to support sustainable farming for future generations.

Family owned and run for over 20 years

Manna Soil Solutions is a family run company that started operating from Dongara, in Australia's mid-west. From the historic Dooka pit we supplied lime sand and gypsum to farmers through out the Wheatbelt. During this period we continued to invest time and money into researching better alternatives to our existing products to meet our customers growing needs.

As a result we were able to acquire an almost pure gypsum (SupaGyp™) deposit in Kwinana. This unique SupaGyp™ deposit was originally produced during the manufacture of superphosphate and is the only type of gypsum we will now sell.

Markedly different from our competitors, SupaGyp™ and our GypLime™ and RapidLime™ blends are super fine, with low sodium content and therefore highly effective at working quickly to improve your soil deficiencies.

The Team

  • Leo Killigrew, Managing Director, BA (Hons) Geomorph
  • Simon Killigrew, Director, B.Ec, B.Eng(Mech), MBA, CPA
  • Dr. Ben Killigrew, Director, BSc (Agric), PhD (Viticultural Pathology)
  • Josie Wilson, Director, BSc Agric (Oenology)
Family owned and run for over 20 years - email or call to order today!
Leo has more than 40 years’ experience in soil science, in particular the study of agricultural soil conditioners, such as gypsum and lime.