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What is SupaGyp™?
SupaGyp™ was created during the manufacture of superphosphate and as such is very pure, very fine and doesn't have issues that often compromise other gypsums, including large, unavailable crystalline fraction and high sodium salt content
What is SupaGyp™ suitable for?
Use SupaGyp™ if you need to ameliorate slaking clays or heavy soils quickly with the added benefits of highly available calcium and sulfates critical to plant nutrition
What is RapidLime™?
RapidLime™ is a very fine, highly responsive form of lime for use in agriculture and soil improvement.

RapidLime™ is derived from the fines during the manufacture of Quicklime (used in mining and construction) which is a highly reactive (oxidising) liming agent not suitable for use in agriculture. However, we process and treat the product to create a transportable, spreadable form of lime that, although still highly alkaline and responsive, is much finer than other forms of agricultural lime, has a higher neutralising value and is more effective in ameliorating acidic soils, especially at depth.

RapidLime™ should be used where you need a highly effective liming agent and a response in the first season. The high responsiveness (inherent alkalinity via a high CaOH/CaO component, not just stable CaCO3) also means that you need to transport less of this product in comparison to other agricultural limes.
Can I customise my RapidLime™ blend?
Yes, custom blends can be ordered on request. RapidLime™ blends are tailored to suit a wide variety of applications, however where required customers can request their own specific blend.

Please contact Manna to chat with a specialist on the most suitable solution to your needs.
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