New Granulated Products
Some Manna clients have expressed an interest in granulated products (<5mm), which can be direct drilled or broadcast more evenly. As such, we are currently developing a granulated product for SupaGyp, G-Lime, and our blends. These products will soon be available to purchase in one-tonne bulker.


Manna SupaGyp was a by-product from the manufacture of superphosphate at Kwinana, where almost pure gypsum (CaSO₄) was produced….
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WA’s Premium Quality G-Lime G-Lime is a very fine textured mix of calcium oxide (CaO), hydroxide (CaOH₂), and carbonate (CaCO₃),…
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SupaGyp Plus

SupaGyp Plus is a 70/30 blend (by volume) of SupaGyp and G-Lime.
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GypLime is a 50/50 blend (by volume) of SupaGyp and G-Lime. Certain soils benefit from a blend of both. This is particularly the…
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