SupaGyp™ L50


SupaGyp™ plus 50% burnt lime (by volume).

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Manna SupaGyp™ was a by-product from the manufacture of superphosphate at Kwinana, where almost pure gypsum (CaSO₄) was produced. SupaGyp has been rigorously assessed and analysed and subsequently approved by the EPA for use as an agricultural soil amendment. It is classed as a Grade 1 Gypsum product.

Manna SupaGyp™ contains 20.2% Ca and 15.8% S (47.48% as SO₄), and has among the highest levels of available sulphur of any gypsum in WA. The deposit has been tested and analysed 3-dimensionally, making our published specifications very accurate.

Manna SupaGyp™ is a fine textured product (77% less than 125um) ensuring a high availability of Ca and S. It is ideally suited to use on heavy loams, duplex, and hard setting soils. SupaGyp enhances permeability allowing water penetration to reach the root zone. SupaGyp’s high water solubility and high Ca disassociation in solution make it an excellent product for treating sodicity.

SupaGyp™ heavy metal content (Aresenic, Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead) is below the recommended levels for soil amendments.

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