How does “SupaGyp” differ from other gypsum products?

A unique aspect of this gypsum is its fine texture. Its inherent particle size (pre-granulation) is around 20 microns. This fine texture, and therefore high surface area, renders the product more soluble.

SupaGyp has five principle benefits in soil conditioning

1.    It provides calcium and sulphur nutrients
2.    It is a powerful “clay breaker”, causing clays to aggregate, and thus improves the permeability of hard setting soils
3.    It benefits as a cation exchange capacitor in the retention of nitrogen and phosphorous
4.    It is a useful agent in the treatment of sodic (high sodium) soils
5.    It is a useful flocculant for use in farm dams

How much salt (sodium chloride) is in the SupaGyp?

Approximately 0.01%. We do not wish to add “salt” to the wounds of already elevated sodium.

How does SupaGyp handle in normal spreading equipment?

Provided the material is kept relatively dry before spreading, experience has shown good spreadability using conventional multi-spreaders.

Can we use our own carrier to collect Manna products?

Certainly. We appreciate a call or email advising time of collection.

How do I place an order?

Simply fill out our online order form and leave the rest to us. Alternatively, you can place an order by phone on (08) 9316 8020, fax on (08) 9316 8021, or email [email protected]