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GypLime is a 50/50 blend (by volume) of SupaGyp and G-Lime.

Certain soils benefit from a blend of both. This is particularly the case where textural properties require aggregation of clay particles to enhance permeability, so that the liming agent can access root zones of pasture and crops.

Blends contain varying amounts of calcium and sulphur which, when regarded as essential nutrients, provide a valuable soil conditioning effect.

Cation Exchange Capacitors

GypLime is a valuable agent in the retention of other more soluble or more volatile nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous. In Western Australian conditions it is vital that expensive fertiliser additions be retained in the soil profile.

Contamination of groundwater and loss of valuable crop nutrients is countered by addition of high CEC agents such as gypsum and zeolite. Manna is experimenting with additions of gypsums and zeolite in an endeavour to provide additional cation exchange capacity.

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